The Picture Tube Jazz Band
on Music Focus Records

CD tunes & times:
1. Amerigo Round Vespucci 4:52
2. Dionaea 4:18
3. Maithuna 6:40
4. Ten Million Aprils 4:33
5. Gumby Meets a Girl 5:32
6. Wave Of The Hand 4:37
7. Zion Retreat 5:18
8. Picture Tube 4:27
9. Make A Wish 5:56
10. Cantina Song (John Williams, from Star Wars) 1:48

The Musicians
Karl Frederick Grossman began forming the songs for this album in early 1990. With Rich Schwagerl on vibraphone, Mike McLinden on bass as well as Gary Ferguson on drums, the band began playing and rehearsing the music to be recorded. For a year we rehearsed and refined new tunes and old ones. We came up with a viable set of music that eventually became the Picture Tube album.
We basically performed the album at the Strand nightclub in the summer of 1994.
The band was then ready to start laying the tracks that would become the album. We started with about 15 tunes and narrowed it down to the current 10 tunes.
Richard and I became very much entwined in the melodic process of the tunes and we would have to 'woodshed' by oursleves many times to get the phrasing and nuance just right.
The recording was very time consuming and detailed but we tried to put as much raw spirit as possible on the recorder. As an result of the that concept very little doubling or thickening was employed. We preferred the raw sound of the instruments. It was the players I believe who are totally responsible for the interaction and resultant 'magic'.

A musical score of the whole CD exists. E-mail me to find out more...
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