Progression Lessons
Dedicated to furthering your guitar artistry...

3 CD's, PLUS a study Book!!!
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CD #1 - Series I Progression Lessons
These are 2 chord progressions designed to "get you going" playing good rhythm as well as soloing. They are designed to give you ear training in both major and minor sounds. Since the progressions are "genderless" regarding major or minor, YOU decide and get the benefit of hearing melodic ideas in either quality while consciously making those choices. Creative AND conscious ear training!

CD #2 - Series II MAJOR Progression Lessons These are Major key progressions. The 4 suggested scale formats that you improvise around are written in 6 different keys to give you a workout in many locations on the neck. Depending on the access of your upper frets, you should be able to explore the outer extremities of the guitar. It's all about keeping your place, experimenting, playing smoothly and in time.

CD #3 - Series III Minor Progression Lessons These are simple and complex minor key progressions. The suggested scales that you improvise around are written in 6 different keys to give you a diverse workout on the neck. Depending on the order of the chords, there might be a necessary "mode change". The later examples require you to move through the modes within the progressions themselves. This is fairly advanced. HOWEVER, by playing pentatonics only, you can avoid any "problem notes" altogether. The best guitarists know how to mode change and yet many use the pentatonic "trick" as well!!


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