I am so glad that you have shown an interest in taking lessons at Music Focus. We've been active in the South Bay for over 14 years. We pride ourselves on bringing you up to the minute exposure to the latest songs and physical techniques. At first, we encourage students to develop a repertoire of songs that are familiar and fun to play. Our song list, as of the first of this year, has over 5,000 songs. After a time, you may want to start studying the 'insides' of songs and music theory. You will need to supply a standard notebook binder.
So, plan on bringing your guitar, and:

• Your notebook (3 ring binder)
• Your picks from the Music Focus Songlist
• The songs that you are learning.

Song List!
After your first lesson we encourage you to visit the Music Focus Songlist and make note of which songs or bands best represent your interests. You can just write down a few or, "paste" the list and make your own computer document! This list will help 'power' your lessons.

Go over the Music Focus Lesson Policy. If you are a new student starting during the middle of a month, you will be responsible for bringing in partial payment at your first lesson. From then on you will be billed on a monthly basis. We do all billing business through the mail. The only contract you have with us is for a month at a time. Be sure that if you are not the "responsible person" to check with your parents about this.

Thanks again for the interest! I'm looking forward to these lessons with you and to the exciting and challenging results that await.

If you have a question about your lesson plan or any specific point made during your lesson time,

Music Focus - (310) 999-9275 (talk/text/message)

PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF MY NEW e-mail address:

Online -

Mailing address is:
Music Focus
671 Valley Drive
Hermosa Beach CA 90254-4626

Sincerely yours,

Karl Grossman
Music Focus Director


Song List


Lesson Policy

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