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These are former or current students of Karl Grossman's at Music Focus. If you'd like to remind me that you were a student too, please click on my e-mail - and I'll add your name to the list. If you see your name and for some reason would like your name omitted please let me know also. Have fun finding your name!!!!!
You can send me your link to any net page if you'd like a 'referal' !!!!!!! .....


Song List


Lesson Policy

Jody Woodworth (McCoy)
Blayne St. John
Jed Schipper
Chad Baker
Jason Beaudet
Joey Brandlin
Pete Bravick
Evan Calbi
KC Campbell
Colette Coiner
Master Geoff Coplin
Nik Davlantis
Matt "Fearsome" Vining
Andrew Dupuy
Eddie Esparza
Harvey Akins
Kenny Crowder
Hector Farfan
Eric Garnica
Jerry Gold
Dave Giuliano
Mark Farnan
Steven Crosby
David Copp
Jason Hamilton
Garth Coe
Chris Sims
Greg Brightwell
Johanna Hacket
Allen Berger
Bob Stojanovic
Lars Ensberg
Josh Vandervort
Alex Gonzales
Gabe Gonzales
Jon Turner
Steve Tutterow
Pete Goshgarian
Paul "Fat P" Jensen
Daron "Mad Dog" Sepko
Jerry McGuire
John Maioriello
Michelle Meldrum
John McCree
Jeremy Mull
Brad Cummings
Mike McLinden
Phil Goswitz
Jeff Hawkins
Kevin Prince
Robert Rubio
Bruce Ewing
Denise Briam
Ben Beverly
Chad Baker
Scott McLure
Brian Donnelly
Brian Winger
Karen Melnychuck
Mark Theodore
Liza Heider
Bret Johnson
Steve Johnson
Dia Theodore
Lars Ensberg
Shaun Evans
Adam Daley
John Schuman
Richard Golub
Eric Schwarzmann
Samantha Khatib
Craig Warren
Jim Meisel
here's a bunch more, maybe some duplicates in here, sorry...

Jed Schipper's - Harvey Akins - Chad Baker - Jason Beaudet - Scott Benson - Allen Berger - Alex Bourgon - Joey Brandlin - Pete Bravick - Denise Briam - Greg Brightwell - Gary Bruckner - Tom Cabibbo - Evan Calbi - KC Campbell - Byron Church - Niki Coalson - Garth Coe - Colette Coiner", "Commins","Brad Commings","your" "Coplin","Margaret Coplin","Geoff" "Copp","Cheralyn Copp","David's" "Crosby","Steven Crosby","your" "Crowder","Kenny Crowder", "Cummings","Brad Cummings","your" "Cushna","Stephanie Cushna","your" "Daley","John & Renée Daley","Adam's" "Davlantis","Nikki Davlantis","Nik's" "Demongin","Karen Demongin","Jason Hamilton's" "Doiron","Chris Doiron", "Donnelly","Brian Donnelly","Brian Donnelly's" "Dorr","Pat Dorr","your" "Dupuy","Andrew Dupuy","Andrew's" "Ehrhard","Ron Ehrhard","your" "Ensberg","Lars Ensberg","Lars'" "Esparza","Eddie Esparza","your" "Evans","Shaun Evans","your" "Ewing","Bruce Ewing","Q" "Farfan","Hector Farfan", "Farnan","Mark Farnan","your" "Feuer","Stephanie Feuer","your" "Finch","Russel Finch","your" "Fontana","Greg Fontana","your" "Frieden","David Frieden","your" "Garnica","Eric Garnica","your" "Garriga","James & Diana Garriga","Montse's" "Geist","Mike Geist","your" "Gerber","Thaddeus Gerber","your" "Giuliano","Dave Giuliano","your" "Gold","Jerry Gold","your" "Golembiewski","Josh Golembiewski","your" "Golub","Sharon Golub","Richard's & Nathan's" "Gonzales","Alex Gonzales","your" "Gonzales","Gabe Gonzales","your" "Goshgarian","Pete Goshgarian","your" "Goswitz","Phil Goswitz","your" "Greenleaf","Pat Greenleaf","your" "Griffin","Marilyn & David Griffin","David's" "Hackett","Johanna Hacket", "Hagler","Patricia Hagler","John's" "Hawkins","Jeff Hawkins","your" "Heider","Liza Heider", "Hitt","Teri Hitt","your" "Horton","Gary Horton","your" "Howard","Jamie Howard","your" "Howard","Ed Howard","your" "Irwin","Melba & George Irwin","Amber & Ashton" "Jensen","Paul Jensen","your" "Jirn","Jinsuh Jirn","your" "Johnson","Jeri Johnson","Bret & Steve" "Khatib","Fardieh Khatib","Samantha" "Kilroy","Tom Kilroy","your" "Kim","Stan Kim","your" "Lambros","Dimitri & Sigrid Lambros","Mike's" "Lee","Jonathan & Margaret Lee","Andrea" "Lemire","David Lemire","your" "Levy","Richard Levy","your" "Madick","Michelle Madick","your" "Madick","Michelle Madick","your" "Maioriello","John Maioriello","John's" "Maioriello","Terri Maioriello", "Martinez","Robert Martinez","your" "Mayo","Kurt Mayo","Kevin's" "McCarthy","Glenda McCarthy","your" "McCormick","Chip McCormick","your" "McCree","John McCree","your" "McGehee","Charlie McGehee","your" "McGivern","Dennis McGivern","your" "McGuire","Jerry McGuire","your" "McGuire","Tim McGuire","your" "McIntosh","Rose Marie McIntosh","Amelia" "McLure","Scott McLure","your" "Meisel","Jim Meisel","your" "Meldrum","Michelle Meldrum", "Mull","Jennifer Mull","Jeremy's" "Myner","Lisa Myner","your" "Neuhart","Andrew Neuhart","your" "Ngondo","Steve Ngondo","your" "Obymachow","Greg Obymachow","your" "Offill","Mike Offill","your" "Priesont","Kathie Priesont","Brandon's" "Prince","Kevin Prince","your" "Purcell","James Purcell","your" "Rhoades","Marsha Rhoades","Steve" "Roth","Libby Roth", "Roth","Nick & Libby Roth","your" "Rubio","Robert Rubio", "Ryan","Mark Ryan", "Schuman","John Schuman","your" "Schwarzmann","Eric Schwarzmann","your" "Sharp","Steve Sharp","your" "Shipman","Colin Shipman","Colin" "Sims","Chris Sims", "Small","Randy Small", "Somerville","David Gary Somerville","your" "Sperling","Skip Sperling","your" "Stepp","Guy Stepp", "Stojanovic","Bob Stojanovic","your" "Stoll","Kevin Stoll", "Taylor","Mat Taylor", "Theodore","Dia Theodore","your" "Theodore","Mark Theodore","your" "Tootle","John & Mary Tootle","Charlie" "Turner","Jon Turner","your" "Tutterrow","Steve Tutterow","your" "Vail","Jenny Vail", "Vandervort","Josh Vandervort", "Wade","Mike Wade", "Warren","Craig Warren","your" "Whyte","Karen Whyte","Scott's" "Wike","Joe & Carople Wike","Thaddeus & Sean" "Willey","Kris Willey","your" "Winger","Brian Winger","your" "Yates","Kevin Yates","your" "Zakocs","Roger & Mary Zakocs","Jason's" "Zimmerman","Jianulla Zimmerman","Brian Donnelly's"
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